Proven Big Boss – 50

Proven Big Boss – 50



Purification capacity50±10* Litres per hour *
2Max Duty Cycle500 liters per Day
3Membrane4 Nos
46 stages Purification
  1. Pre-Sediment,
  2. Activated Carbon,
  3. Sediment,
  4. RO Membrane,
  5. Post Carbon,
  6. TDS Minimiser
5RO Membrane1812-75 GPD
6Minimum Inlet Water Pressure0.3 kg/sq cm
7Maximum Inlet water Pressure2 kg/sq cm ( if input water pressure is more than 2kg/sq cm , install PRV before the Unit)
8Input Voltage160-300V AC (50Hz)
9Operating Voltage48V DC
10Input water TemperatureMin 5 Celsius & Max 50 Celsius
11Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)Up to 2000 ppm
12Total Hardness500 ppm (max)
13Rejection of TDSUp to 95%
14RecoveryUp to 25%
15Dimensions (mm)W 485 x D 300 x H 840
16Net Weight17.5 kgs.
17Power rating75 W


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