water purifier
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water purifier

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  • Drink pure water for healthy life. Branded UV Lamp, High TDS Membrane and Alkaline (Bio+) for best in class purity
  • Material: Plastic, Elegant Transparent Cover and Purified Water Level Indicator
  • Remove 95% to 98% TDS, Flow 12 to 15 LPH
  • 100% natural water,Fully Automated Operation
  • Push Fit component for Leak Proof Performance

Proven water purifier 8 Stage water purifiers, which is a solution to your water purification needs. Nowadays, water borne diseases are on the rise and thus our water purifier with 100 GPD booster pump, 80 GPD RO membrane, UV & UF ensures a steady supply of pure and safe drinking water, free from Chlorine, Lead, Barium, Chromium, Fluoride, Pesticides, microbes, bacteria and viruses etc. Attractive design and a compact size, this water purifier is suitable for modern kitchens and offices.


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